Emma Thompson to Star in Mindy Kaling’s New Film as Late Night Host


Emma Thompson recently elevated Bridget Jones’ Baby with her trademark knowing, sarcastic warmth, and soon, she’ll be bringing those qualities to late night television. But because in the current pop cultural world, such a thing as a female late night talk show host is so rare as to either be a. Samantha Bee or b. fictional, the latter can be said regarding Thompson’s upcoming hosting gig. Indeed, Mindy Kaling wrote a film about a late-night talk-show host who Variety has just reported Emma Thompson will be playing.

The story allegedly centers around her character as she finds out she may be losing her show – immediately after having brought on the show’s first female staff writer (who’ll be played by Kaling.)

With The Mindy Project ongoing on Hulu, Kaling is simultaneously signing onto (and now writing) a number of exciting film projects; apart from this film, which does not yet have a name (or at least not one that’s been announced), she’ll be staring as one of the Mrs. W’s in Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time adaptation, as well as alongside Cate Blanchett and Rihanna (and so many others) in Ocean’s Eight. Meanwhile, you’ll soon be able to see Emma Thompson in Noah Baumbach’s next film, Yeh Din Ka Kissa and the Emma Watson-starring live action Beauty and the Beast, in which she’ll play Mrs. Potts.