Fascinating Concept Art from the 1999 Film Adaptation of ‘The Iron Giant’


The Iron Man — or as it’s known in America, The Iron Giant — may well be the work for which Ted Hughes will be most remembered. Considering we’re talking about a man who was the British Poet Laureate and was also married (for better or worse) to Sylvia Plath, that speaks volumes for the story’s impact. The story functions on several levels, operating as a touching modern-day fairy tale, not to mention an extended metaphor for the ills of the Cold War. It was also adapted in 1999 into a gorgeous and mystifyingly overlooked film, which is in turn the subject of a new book, Ramin Zahed’s The Art of ‘The Iron Giant’. As its title suggests, Zahed’s book — which is out now — looks in detail at the making of the film, and includes previously unseen sketches, storyboards, and concept art. We’re delighted to share a selection of these in this exclusive gallery.