Nancy Pelosi to Screen Anti-NRA Documentary in D.C.


Her party may be in the majority no longer, but the purple-pantsuit favoring, gavel-punding Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi continues her reign as the member of congress with the brassiest, steeliest ovaries. Witness this recent quote about Donald Trump’s performance in Monday’s debate: “I felt sorry for him, really,” she said, according to reporters. “He was so sort of scattered in his brain and so incoherent … maybe he will get the sympathy vote, I don’t know.” She also made fun of his hair.

Her latest salvo? Screening an anti-NRA documentary to make a point to her lily-livered colleagues who refuse to act on gun violence.

Robert Greenwald’s documentary Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, and the NRA is set for a congressional screening led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. She will be joined by other congressional members at Thursday’s screening in Washington, D.C., which is said to be a push toward sparking serious conversations about sensible gun legislation.

Greenwald’s films are staples of the left, indicting such entities as Fox News, the Koch brothers, and Wal-Mart.After the sit-in and filibuster that took place earlier this year in response to the Orlando nightclub shooting, it’s heartening to know that politicians haven’t thoroughly given up on preventing gun violence yet.