Hillary Clinton’s Website Is Offering a Chance to Meet Pusha T, Because This Election Is Insane


It’s not exactly making a radical statement to suggest that this election has been weird as fuck, but even so, if you’re like us, you probably had to do a double-take at this particular piece of news: Hillary Clinton’s website is running a competition whereby one lucky winner will get to meet Pusha T. Yes, that Pusha T — the rapper who’s made an entire career out of suggesting that, yes, he may well sell you cocaine, the one responsible for the pleasantly vicious verse on Kanye’s “Runaway,” the one who was/is half of Clipse. That one. Quite how he got from there to Hillary Clinton’s website is unclear, but hey, if you’ve ever wanted to meet the man and buy some cocaine from him and talk to him about the upcoming election, here’s your chance. (Also unclear: why the Clinton website URL says “meet-pusha-o”.) Anyway, if you’d like to enter the competition, you can do so here. Knock yourself out.