Jessica Alba Is Making an A.I. Series, Prompting Headlines About the “Next ‘Westworld,'” Before ‘Westworld’ Has Even Aired


HBO’s anticipated (and rightly so) robo-western, Westworld, comes out this Sunday, but even before its release, it’s so hyped that it’s being written about as though it’s already been out for seasons, and as though we’re already searching for its successor. The Hollywood Reporter announced, with the headline, “The Next ‘Westworld’? Fox Readying AI Thriller From Jessica Alba” that, well, Fox is, yeah, what the headline said.

The potential series in question is, indeed, being produced by Jessica Alba, and called Girl 10; its title refers to the fact that in the world of the series, 10 synthetic humans have been created, and the lead character — named Elle — is one of them.

She happens to be caught in the midst of a murder scandal, but is also attempting to stymie a corrupt group’s plans to use artificial intelligence for their destructive purposes. The script is coming from Gotham writer Ken Woodruff, who’ll also be Alba’s executive producing partner. There’s no news yet of whether or not Alba will be starring.

In the meantime, I guess we should all be sad and anxious that Westworld‘s already ending… at some unannounced time in the distant future.