Kim Kardashian West Held at Gunpoint in Paris; Kanye Cancels Show Mid-Song Upon Receiving the News


If you were at Kanye West’s show last night at the Meadows Festival, you were probably left wondering exactly what the “family emergency” that led to him leaving the stage early was. (If you weren’t at the show and/or just missed the news, West left the stage abruptly after getting a message during “Heartless,” and did not return.)

It’s since emerged that the emergency was this: West’s wife Kim Kardashian West was held at gunpoint and robbed in Paris. According to CNN, the robbers gained entry to the private apartment at which she’s been staying for Paris Fashion Week by dressing as police officers, and stole some €10m worth of jewelry. During the robbery, Kardashian West was locked in a bathroom with one of the thieves, who held a gun to her head throughout. She was uninjured but “badly shaken,” as one would be.

West’s abrupt show cancellation has led to a predictable cavalcade of dickheads complaining about his behavior on Twitter etc, all of whom apparently consider their entertainment more important than the welfare of the man entertaining them (and, in this case, that of his family.) There’s no word yet from the Meadows Festival’s organizers as to whether refunds will be offered.