Jordan Peele’s Psychological Horror Film Looks Creepily Fantastic


Oh my goodness. Comedian Jordan Peele (one half of Key &) has written and directed a campy, creepy, racially-loaded horror film that looks like something of an exorcism of America’s dark past — but that description makes it seem more serious than it appears to be.

The trailer for Get Out (which, you guessed it, is what one of the characters says!) features a black guy played by Daniel Kaluuya (Sicario) going to visit his girlfriend (Girls‘ Alison Williams, who seems perfect for the too-good-to-be-true role) at her family’s country home. Ghosts (who all appear to be black), hypnotisms, flying skeleton deer, and freaky medical implements appear on the scene.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “On its Feb. 24 release date, Get Out will open against Julius Onah’s sci-fi film God Particle and Jamie Foxx thriller Sleepless.”

Personally, I just want to know the twist already! What’s the family secret and does it go back to the Civil War?