Watch: Seven (Yes, SEVEN) New Grimes-Directed Music Videos


Grimes music videos are like buses: you wait ages for one, and then… seven come along at once?! This is stretching the terms of an already tired simile, admittedly, but nevertheless, as of today you can watch seven new videos made by Claire Boucher, along with her brother Mac and collaborator HANA.

The videos were made when Grimes was conducting her “Ac!d Reign” tour of Europe this summer, and include four videos for Grimes songs, along with three for HANA tracks. Most notably, there’s a video for Art Angels track “Scream,” which features Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes — the video includes subtitles for those (like us) whose Chinese isn’t quite up to keeping up with Aristophanes’ rapid-fire verses. As a whole, the videos comprise what Grimes is calling “The Ac!d Reign Chronicles”, which can also be watched as single video.