Samantha Bee Breaks Down the Awkward, Maddening Veep Debate


The Vice Presidential debate this week left us with questions. First of all, why didn’t interrupting-puppy-of-a-Veep-candidate Tim Kaine and debate moderator Elaine Quijano call Trump denial expert Mike Pence out on his horrible, Handmaid’s Tale-esque policies in Indiana (including anti-gay discrimination, funerals for fetuses, and more)? How did Pence manage to lie so smoothly and deny all the things that his running mate actually said? What was with all the smirking and head-shaking on his part?

Fortunately for cathartic purposes, Samantha Bee phrased these unanswerable questions in her inimitable way on Full Frontal: “Pence showed himself to be an able running mate, in the sense of running away from everything Donald Trump has ever said. He lied all night, but he did it in such a soothing, FM radio voice, he never lost his cool.”

She had lots of monikers for Trump, too, including “a rich asshole who wants to be king of america” and “an erratic rage quasar.”

Watch Bee’s segment: