‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Gets a Release Date and a Seemingly Straightforward Title


Sicario/Arrival director Denis Villeneuve’s much anticipated (and for some, skeptically anticipated) sequel to Blade Runner has just, after much talk, gotten a release date and title. It’ll be coming out exactly a year from today — October 6, 2017, though given its title, it seems it’ll take place 32 years in the future. (The original was set in 2019, which, unless Donald Trump ultimately becomes President, now seems a little soon for the world to be looking quite so futuristically bleak.) And perhaps from what’s already been revealed you can guess that its title is something along the lines of…oh, I don’t know…Blade Runner 2049. The announcement for the film, produced by Alcon Entertainment, came via Twitter, with an enticing photo from the set:

Unfortunately, most everything else about the movie is still being kept hushed — though some key cast members were previously revealed, with Harrison Ford reprising his role as former policeman Rick Deckard, and Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, and Jared Leto — pictured in an exquisite speculative concept image gracefully superimposed by yours truly, above — all officially announced to be participating.