Nicki Minaj is Surprise-Releasing An Album at Midnight Tonight


Hey, here’s some good news on a day entirely dominated by the Orange Abomination Who Shall Not Be Named: there’s a new Nicki Minaj album coming out tonight! At midnight! (Presumably EST!) Here’s the news, from the lady herself:

Fruity! More news, if any, as we get it — and now you can look forward to a deluge of reviews and/or thinkpieces on Monday! (Along with a well-reasoned and not-at-all-hasty review or somesuch on Flavorwire in due course!) Anyway, now back to our regularly scheduled programming of the world rapidly going insane. Smile, everyone!

Note: if this is not for real — Minaj has been making ambiguous semi-joking statements about the release on Twitter recently — we will cry, and we also disclaim all responsibility for getting fans all excited.

Edit: Goddammit.