Test Pattern, AKA Fred Armisen/Maya Rudolph/Bill Hader’s Talking Heads Parody Band, Release Full Album


The Talking Heads have unfortunately not released a new album (though soon, David Byrne will be organizing an immersive theater piece about neuroscience, so presumably some heads will talk there), but a certain band called Test Pattern has. If you’ve been keeping up with all your documentary spoof news this week (because who hasn’t?), you already know that Test Pattern is Bill Hader/Fred Armisen/Maya Rudolph’s highly fleshed-out Talking Heads parody band identity they assumed for their Stop Making Sense-based episode of Documentary Now!, titled “Final Transmission.”

The episode aired last night, and now the “band” have shared their 8-track album, also titled Final Transmission, featuring “Art + Student” (the band’s very personal song about their time as art students; by the way, “Art + Student = Fun”), the critically spurned “Everybody’s Moving Around,” and “Goodbye” (the final song the band wrote).

Check out the album art (which features some thought-provoking text, like “Moist Towelette” and “Shoulder Pads”) :

And here’s the album itself:

Head over to IFC to watch the episode.

[Via Pitchfork]