Little-Known Author Bob Dylan Gets Discovered, Book Sales Skyrocket


Following Bob Dylan’s unexpected and of course polarizing Nobel Prize win yesterday, the Alternative Press reports that the musician/book writer‘s book sales have skyrocketed. They report that his memoir Chronicles: Volume 1 and a book that’s kind of cheating — in that it’s a compilation of lyrics — The Lyrics: 1961-2012 numbered among the fastest sellers, with the lyric book bursting (yes, bursting!) from No. 73,543 on their list to No. 209, and Chronicles bursting (still bursting!) from No. 15,690 to 278 over the course of a day. By the end of the day, it had gone out of stock — likely because there’s no reason Amazon would’ve kept excessive amounts of a memoir that rested at No. 15,690 in stock on the off chance that the Nobel Prize in Literature decided it was the Grammys.

One thing you can say for the Nobel Prize’s decision is that at least they decided to bring a little-known author out of obscurity.