Chris Rock Is Coming to Netflix with Two New Specials After 8 Years Away From Standup


Unless you count the Oscars (and for so many reasons, perhaps its just best to forget the last Oscar Ceremony), Chris Rock has been away from conventional standup comedy for eight years now. Now, Netflix is giving him — from what sources tell the Hollywood Reporter — $40 million to stream his big return, or big returns. For they’ve ordered not one but two standup specials from the Emmy-winning comedian.

Apparently, each $20 million-per-show, seemingly raised to that level via a bidding war among networks, is more than other top comedians have made for their specials. Louis C.K. and Amy Schumer — whose special Rock directed — are noted by THR for allegedly having received less.

The first special will be recorded in 2017, and is going to be part of a world tour Rock’s already been planning, though there’s no news of actual dates for the premieres of either special on Netflix. Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer at Netflix, said in a statement:

Chris Rock is a beloved actor and director, and his remarkable stand-up makes him comic royalty. There is no one like him, and Netflix offers the global platform and creative freedom that will serve as a perfect home for someone with his incredible talent.