Coen Brothers Are Writing a Thriller About Ross William Ulbricht and The Silk Road


Fox has had plans for a thriller film based on the story of the first darknet market for illegal substances — “The Silk Road” — in the works since 2013. Those plans initially included an attempt at a script from Mystic River writer Dennis Lehane, but now the film-to-be has a new pair of scribes writing a new version: Fox has enlisted the Coen Brothers to write a second draft, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The film will be based off of the comprehensive article published in Wired about the creator of the Silk Road — Ross William Ulbricht, who went by Dread Pirate Roberts — once the Heisenberg to his Walter White seemingly started taking over. (The article traces the descent from Internet mischief-maker to dark net overlord — who was charged with contracting murders, seemingly none of which ultimately occurred.) Ulbricht was given a life sentence without the chance of parole for drug trafficking and money laundering — a sentence that was appealed just a few days ago in a Manhattan courtroom, according to Wired, who covered the appeal in detail.

The film is — at least for now — titled Dark Web.