Watch: Cast-Members of the ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival Discuss Filming the Series


“There’s nothing I can say to describe it, but it’s been absolutely wonderful,” says Kyle MacLachlan towards the end of Showtime’s newly released Twin Peaks revival promo, which features brief bits of interviews with members of the cast, discussing their return to (or for some, their introduction to) the world of David Lynch and Mark Frost. That sentence pretty much describes the whole one-minute tease — more a tease for what a good interview about the show would sound like than what the show itself (which will premiere in 2017) will be. Because throughout the course of the promo, the actors reveal next to nothing, but for the fact that they’re really into Twin Peaks…which, given that it’s a promotional video is, yes, expected.

However, one thing you can get out of this is, simply, seeing some faces you may not have seen for 25-ish years: Kyle MacLachlan has obviously been in a ton of things since the original Twin Peaks, from Sex and the City to Portlandia to The Good Wife to How I Met Your Mother to Desperate Housewives to, of course, Showgirls. But it’s fun to check in on the likes of Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy Brennan), Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Moran), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), and James Marshall (James Hurley), all of whom have continued to act, but in mostly much smaller projects. Jim Belushi — previously announced as a new cast-member — also shows up for it.

“There’s a freshness to it, there’s a lightness to it,” says McLachlan, seeming to have found his proverbial White Lodge in the making of this revival.

Watch the promo: