Aziz Ansari Is Super Pissed He Had to Make This Video Urging Millennials to Vote


Aziz Ansari joined the ranks of celebrities appearing in viral videos urging young people to vote: The comedian released a one-minute clip in which he appears agitated at the fact that people might actually be waiting for him to nudge them along to the voting booth.

The video comes courtesy of NextGen Climate Change, an action group funded by San Francisco billionaire Tom Speyer. It’s part of the organization’s #WHYWEVOTE campaign, which launched last week with a video featuring Natalie Portman. The Ansari video will run in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Nevada, and aims to reach millennial voters through digital platforms like Hulu, Xbox, and SlingTV.

“There’s someone watching this video that’s on the fence about voting,” he says, his voice dripping with sarcasm, “and they’re gonna see me telling them to vote and then they’re gonna be like, ‘Ok, I guess I’ll vote!'” He goes on to rattle off a list of more famous celebs who have made similar videos, incredulously asking why his should make any difference. “There’s a fucking guy running around that says he hates brown people. That’s not enough?”