Le Tigre Release “I’m With Her,” Apparently a Song Endorsing Someone for Something


There’s something strangely familiar about the title of the just-reunited — as in, just released their new first song in 12 years (!) — Le Tigre’s “I’m With Her.” It’s hard to put one’s finger on why it’s familiar, but it’s almost…slogan-like. Who, pray tell, is the titular “her” they’re with? It’s certainly dangerous to speculate so soon after the track’s release, but my guess is that this song is definitely about the gorgeous, suggestive 2013 Spike Jonze film Her.

The other slightly less likely possibility is that the band has come together during this culturally tunnel-visioned moment to voice their support for a certain Hillary Clinton.

Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman, and JD Samson sing in their new track — either about Scarlett Johansson’s intangible but endlessly charming and intelligent computer character, or about Hillary Clinton: “She doesn’t bake cookies, doesn’t play much golf, and the whole world was watching her persistent cough,” the latter of which I suppose is a hint in the direction of Hillary Clinton.

Just before the third presidential debate, the HRC-endorsing track lists a series of reasons for voting for the candidate, and also makes sure to skewer Donald Trump and emphasize the huge risks his presidency would pose. The song sums up the very early ’00s Le Tigre-reminiscent anthem with a chorus of “I’M WITH HER/TO THE TOP/SHE’S WITH US/WE WON’T STOP” and a conclusion of “I don’t want a racist in the President’s seat/One, two, one, two, one, two, three/I don’t want a sexist, it’s 2016!”

Here’s the video:

[Via Pitchfork]