10 TV-Inspired Couples Costumes for 2016


TV gave us many memorable pairings this year, and Flavorwire has compiled 10 of ’em for the lazy among us who have still not figured out a Halloween costume. These costume ideas are, for the most part, fairly easy to execute — for some of them, you may even have all the ingredients in the back of your closet. Like the best TV couples, these suggestions are a mix of romantic and platonic pairings. And it should go without saying that Flavorwire does not advocate the use of blackface for any of these costumes, or any costumes, or anything, at all, ever. May your Halloween be peaceful, safe, and full of relevant pop-culture references!

Marcia Clark and Chris Darden (The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, FX)

This one’s pretty simple — ladies, grab the most ’90s blazer you’ve got and pair it with slacks or a skirt; gentlemen, put on a suit with a white shirt underneath. The hair and accessories are crucial if you want people to recognize you as the will-they-won’t-they prosecutors played by Sarah Paulson and Sterling K. Brown. That means a pair of gold stud earrings and the perm-iest perm you can muster for Marcia, and a goatee, wire-rimmed glasses, and bald cap for Chris.

Grace and Frankie (Grace and Frankie, Netflix)

Like many real-life besties, Grace and Frankie (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin) prove that opposites attract. For the slightly uptight, preppy Grace, you could pair a demure camel sweater with jeans, like in the above photo, or a sky-blue dress shirt with the collar popped. For hippie chick Frankie, try a pair of distressed overalls with the flowiest top you can find (bonus points for a fringed poncho), brush out your hair, and add some grey-and-white streaks and a festive bandana.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Netflix)

This is one of the easier looks to pull off, thanks to these two Marvel superheroes’ (played by Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter) low-key, black-and-grey looks. For Luke, pair dark-washed jeans with a grey or black hoodie and a jacket. Jessica opts for a lighter wash, and don’t forget her signature black leather jacket and grey circle scarf.

Mylene Cruz and Zeke “Books” Figuero (The Get Down, Netflix)

If you feel like dressing up in some spiffy disco duds this Halloween, you can’t beat the Bronx-born, stardom-bound young lovers of The Get Down. For Zeke (Justice Smith), head to a vintage store for a patchwork suit with the widest collar you can find (don’t forget the ‘fro). Mylene’s (Herizen Guardiola) rose-gold halter dress with matching heels might be harder to replicate, but anything metallic with a plunging neckline should do the trick. Style your hair in a side sweep and you’re ready to hustle.

Eleven and Mike Wheeler (Stranger Things, Netflix)

He’s just a kid who likes to ride his bike and play Dungeons and Dragons with his buds; she’s a telekinetic human test subject trained as a government tool. Recreate the spirit of supernatural preteen love this Halloween: A simple striped rugby shirt with a white collar will do for Mike (Finn Wolfhard); for Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) most iconic look, throw a blue jacket (a jean jacket will work) over a peach or beige collared dress, and grab an armful of Eggo boxes. Bonus points if you shave your head.

Jamie and Claire Fraser (Outlander, Starz)

Alright, the horses might be a step too far. But if you have access to many yards of plaid, you should be able to recreate the 18th-century Highland looks of Claire and Jamie Fraser (Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan), the steamiest couple on TV. For Claire, search for the longest plaid dress you can find, cinch it with a brown leather belt, then wrap yourself in some more plaid. For Jamie, a plaid jacket over a frilly white shirt with a vest should do. Don’t forget the kilt and the knee-high boots, guys — it’s essential to Jamie’s appeal.

Dolores and Teddy (Westworld, HBO)

As robotic “hosts” in the immersive amusement park Westworld, poor Dolores and Teddy (Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden) dream of running away together, but are destined to repeat the same activities on a loop, day in, day out. Help these poor souls vicariously escape the park for a night of Halloween mischief. A basic cowboy outfit will work for Teddy: jeans or leather pants, a button-down under a vest topped with a blazer or jacket, a bandana around the neck, and, of course, the hat. For Dolores, any long, blue dress or skirt-and-long-sleeved-shirt combo will work, topped with a wide leather belt and a look of dreamy complacence.

Rachel and Quinn (UnREAL, Lifetime)

Any UnREAL devotee knows that, despite the show’s many love triangles, its central relationship is between producer Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and her cutthroat mentor, Quinn (Constance Zimmer). Rachel’s look is pretty simple — just throw a black leather jacket or an army jacket over a t-shirt and jeans (if you can find a “this is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt, even better), put your hair in a messy ponytail, and toss a pair of headphones around your neck to indicate a headset. Quinn goes for the business-casual look, so a fitted dress with an asymmetrical neckline or a suit with a nice blouse underneath will do the trick. Bonus points if you both get “money dick power” tattooed on your wrists.

Elizabeth and Philip Jennings (The Americans, FX)

This pair of Cold War-era Russian spies (played by Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys) have altered their appearances so many time over the course of The Americans’ four seasons that you could really pick any of their covert “looks” as a costume. Why not go all-out and get the silliest wigs and most comically large, ’80s-era glasses you can find? I call this particular look “Liz ‘n’ Phil.”

Ilana and Abbi, as each other (Broad City, Comedy Central)

In one of the funniest episodes of Broad City‘s past season, Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) pretends to be Ilana (Ilana Glazer) to cover her shift at the local co-op. For Abbi-as-Ilana, put your hair in two high pigtails, then use a curling iron to create loose ringlets. Wear a pair of leggings with a decorative fanny pack, a strappy sports bra, and a mesh t-shirt over top. Ilana-as-Abbi doesn’t get to have as much fun with this costume (but then, Abbi-as-Abbi doesn’t get to have much fun as Ilana, either): A sensible striped knit sweater over a pair of skinny jeans is her go-to look.