The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Tom Hanks


SNL picked the safe route this week by inviting Tom Hanks to the Studio 8H stage. The actor, who you can see in Sully in theaters and soon another Dan Brown adaptation, was as jovial as ever. Musical guest Lady Gaga channels Dolly Parton, classic rock, and Stevie Nicks. See how it all went down last night, below.

The Best

“Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Third Debate Cold Open”

Watching the third presidential debate is like watching the third Lord of the Rings movie: “You don’t really want to watch — but hey, you’ve come this far!’

“Tom Hanks America’s Dad Monologue”

Hanks dons a dad sweater and has a heart-to-heart with our nation. Also, uses the words “trill” and “fleek.”

“Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks”

Doug, an avid (extremely white) Trump supporter, is a contestant on “Black Jeopardy” — and he’s actually pretty darn good . . . for a while anyway.

“Funny New Comedy”

CBS’s best “comedy” is dire af.

“Haunted Elevator”

Similar to the hilarious Larry David “Can a bitch get a donut” sketch, but not quite as weird.

“Weekend Update”

Another week in The Orange One Who Shall Not Be Named sucks. Leslie Jones has a few words for the trolls out there — and if you want to see her naked, just ask. Drunk girl at a party thinks it’s unfair women have to show their IUDs before they vote.


An old hero isn’t ready to let someone else steal the spotlight. (And this sketch could have been pushed further.)

“A Girl’s Halloween”

It’s a girls’ night out for Halloween, where things get spooky and lit.

The Worst

“Halloween Block Party”

The neighbors put on a Halloween musical that should have gotten a lot more cray than it did. Sigh. Semi bright spot: “Witches are slutty. That’s just a fact.”

“America’s Funniest Pets with Tom Hanks”

Cats, murder . . . stylish French girls narrate funny pet TV. Thank goodness for YouTube clips of actual funny animals.

Musical Guest: Lady Gaga