Watch Self-Proclaimed “Nasty Woman” Samantha Bee Dismantle Trump’s Abortion Rhetoric


On last night’s episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Bee summed up the third and final presidential debate, wearing a t-shirt under her blazer that proudly blared “nasty woman.” It was an appropriate outfit for one segment in particular in which Bee tore into the abortion section of the debate: “If you were hoping to hear old men talk about vaginas some more, hey, it’s your lucky night!”

After playing a clip in which moderator Chris Wallace asks a question about “partial-birth abortions,” Bee summons a crew member to deliver a megaphone before shouting, “Partial-birth abortions are not a thing!” as the words appear on a red background on the screens behind her. She goes on to argue that Wallace conflated the non-medical term with late-term abortions, which, she points out, represent only 1.3 percent of abortions. But if Wallace got it wrong, Trump got it “bigly wronger”: “It sounds a lot like Trump has confused abortions with bear attacks.”

In another segment from last night’s episode, Bee mocks Trump’s third and final debate performance, comparing the Republican nominee to a student who shows up for class to take a test he hasn’t prepared for. “Concede, don’t concede, we don’t give a fuck,” she concludes. “We’ll be busy swearing in the 45th president.”

Bee praised Hillary’s debate performance, suggesting she finally let her mask slip to reveal “authenticity and passion.” “Her name is Hillary,” she concludes, “Miss Rodham if you’re nasty.”