Watch Lady Gaga Drive a Small SUV While Singing “The Edge of Glory” in Her Carpool Karaoke Session


Perhaps you may now be familiar with Joanne and Lady Gaga’s Bud Light-backed dive bar tours introducing you to her new pop country Authenticity. (Which, thankfully, ends up being just as campy as the rest of Gaga’s output.) Given that the singles from Joanne have been buzzing around the ‘net in live performances for a while now — and are of course now available in their studio versions — the timing for Gaga’s Carpool Karaoke session on James Corden seems perfectly fit for you to sing along; and given the theatrical belting of Gaga’s singer/songwriter stylings, it’s advised that you do so in isolation.

As usual, this video could’ve benefitted from just showcasing the artist, sans the vocal backup from Corden, but Gaga’s voice has enough intensity to still make these moments unique showcases of her vocal prowess, particularly as they’re being performed in a moving vehicle. The karaoke session begins with the first single from Joanne, “Perfect Illusion,” then after a brief interlude about Gaga’s upcoming performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, they begin karaok-ifying “Bad Romance.” She and Corden then have a discussion deconstructing the curious string of onomatopoeias throughout that track.

They proceed to talk about how Gaga just passed her driver’s test, bringing together the disorienting image of Lady Gaga + DMV. Then Lady Gaga shows him her newly DMV-approved driving skills while the two sing “The Edge of Glory.” “Poker Face,” “Born This Way,” and Joanne‘s “Million Reasons” ensue, with Corden trying on a series of Gaga (and thereby Alexander McQueen)-inspired outfits, including a dress made of cold cuts.