FKA twigs Made an Immersive Halloween Exhibit, and Here’s Your Preview


FKA twigs has consistently been building an aesthetic of both body horror and bodily transcendence through the visuals accompanying her music (reaching their height with her EP/short film M3LL155X), and from the looks of it she’s now created a major installation that furthers her vision (while applying it to…Halloween…and, perhaps…champagne). Fittingly, she’s enlisted the help of a master of grotesque figurative goop sculptures, Olivier de Sagazan, who most often uses clay as his means of temporary body modification.

Today and tomorrow, twigs’ immersive installation/performance piece will be on view in London, as part of the Veuve Cliquot Widow Series, which bills itself as “an annual collaboration with the world’s most exciting creative luminaries to explore freedom of expression around Halloween.”

The website also tries to weave the innovations of these artists into rhetoric about innovating wine:

The event is a celebration of the brand’s creative ethos and the core values of its founder Madame Clicquot. The famed widow Madame Clicquot was a true visionary, developing crucial innovations that would shape the future of the champagne industry which will come alive at this event.

So if you feel inclined to dig for the thematic link between innovating a certain table that “enabled the production of a clear, non-cloudy champagne” and making installations of breathtakingly goopy grotesqueries, have at it.

twigs’ installation encompasses 12 different rooms, each designed by a different artist, and each representing a different Zodiac sign. Through a mix of “performance art, set design, theatre, costume and dance,” Rooms will tell the story of “a character in search of their spiritual and zodiac home.” 30 performers will contribute to giving “spectators a 360-degree experience of every emotional trait, dance, song and horror of the human emotion.” The music for the project was, per twigs’ Instagram preview (below), made by her frequent collaborators CY AN and LJ.

Watch the preview for the event: