Daily Dose Pick: Ultraviolet


Complete with an introductory incantation by neo-psychedelic rockers MGMT, Dan Donahue’s black-light book is a visual love letter to the cultural and aesthetic experimentation of the Age of Aquarius.

Each page of Ultraviolet: 69 Blacklight Posters from the Aquarian Age and Beyond is a vintage poster that actually glows under a black light; and while drug and free-love references certainly abound, as the volume shows, there’s much more to the story.

Peruse pages from the book, play MGMT’s tripped-out interactive music video for “Electric Feel,” learn how to build your own black light, and buy a copy of Ultraviolet


Ultraviolet: 69 Blacklight Posters From the Age of Aquarius and Beyond

Doin’ Our Thing

The Hand

The Ultimate Trip


Dream of Me

MGMT: “Electric Feel” art