The Morning’s Top 5 Culture Stories


1. Haterade and “high production costs” cited as Comedy Central‘s reasons for axing ventriloquist comedy The Jeff Dunham Show. [via The Live Feed] 2. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is officially aging: not only does he hate downloading via The Internet, he suffers from tinnitus. [via CNN] 3. James McAvoy will drop his Scottish brogue to play Sir Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond: let the sexually suggestive nicknaming begin. [via Vulture] 4. The municipality of Seaside Heights, New Jersey, has spoken out against guido-dom, saying the town did not “solicit, promote or participate in the filming” of MTV’s latent hit Jersey Shore. [via ArtsBeat] 5. Lady Gaga is hankering to collaborate with Susan Boyle, though don’t hold your breath for a guest spot at Gaga’s NYE gig by the Fontainebleau Miami pool. [via The Sun]

Bonus link: The Ten Nudest, Lewdest Music Videos of 2009 (NSFW, obviously).