Witchy Artists on Instagram You Should Be Following


From the runway to Etsy and cinema, witches were everything in 2016. But Instagram has provided the richest witchspiration, with artists and makers of all ilk conjuring delicious things from the dark for their craft. While Halloween is the perfect occasion to treat yourself to some sinister art, follow these witchy (aka spooky af) makers on Instagram and support their work all year round. Go on, live deliciously.

Nona Limmen

Photos of otherworldly women in ethereal, European locations.

Cat Coven

Spooky black cats, bats, and other witchy familiars.

Crystal Lee Lucas

Haunting rural settings, stunning self-portraits, and a hazy look at another world.

Small Spells

Charming line drawings and her very own tarot deck.

Tilly García

The natural world and spiritual realm as one.

Bill Crisafi

Inky drawings of wise, witchy women.

Blood Milk Jewels

“Psychic armor” for every day.

Rachel Dreimiller

Your very own “gothic granny,” who makes spooky stitch crafts.

Mystic Asylum

Art dolls from the beyond.

Jason W. Blake

Photographic myth and magic.