Courtney Love to Star in “Midsummer Night’s Dream” Horror Adaptation on Lifetime


Courtney Love starring a modern horror spin on Shakespeare airing on Lifetime? Somehow, despite its strangeness, this feels like a cultural mash-up that should have happened a long time ago. “Though she be but little, she is fierce,” is a insult-slash-compliment that describes the singer and actress well.

The Hollywood Reporter has the info on the forthcoming anthology series, entitled A Midsummer’s Nightmare, a dark take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The drama centers on Elena, a young woman reluctantly drawn into a summer getaway-turned-nightmare. The potential series introduces four young lovers who steal off into the woods in pursuit of their romantic desires, but their plans are quickly thwarted when terrifying forces in the deep woods target the stranded group, using their own fantasies and darkest secrets against them. Love will play a mysterious woman in the woods who is part of the sinister forces that turn the lovers’ dream getaway into a nightmare

Sounds like Love, who recently had roles on Empire and Sons of Anarchy, is in a Titania-esque role, which seems appropriate. Other stars include Dominic Monaghan and Daisy Head.