A Chameleonic History of Tilda Swinton Looking Like Other People


The word chameleon gets thrown around a lot when it comes to British actress Tilda Swinton, but in her case it’s a deserved badge of honor that says more about her visionary talent than her ability to disappear behind makeup. “The thing that keeps me being a performer is my interest in society’s obsession with identity,” Swinton has said, “because I’m not sure that I really believe identity exists.” On the star’s birthday, we wanted to have a little fun with her chameleonic history and find Swinton’s many pop cultural doppelgängers. Hit us up with your own picks on Facebook or Twitter.

Tilda looks like Diana Vreeland

Tilda looks like Linda Evans

Tilda looks like young/mature Hillary Clinton

Tilda looks like Mrs. Peacock

Tilda looks like Grace Jones

Tilda looks like Thom Yorke

Tilda looks like Lady Gaga

Tilda looks like Dave Mustaine

Tilda looks like Jane Campion