#Girlgaze Looks at Diverse Female Perspectives in Photography

By Alison Nastasi

The #Girlgaze project is a curated collection of images shot by female-identifying photographers that champions the female gaze and offers support to the next generation of women behind the camera. Girlgaze was founded by British photographer and talk show host Amanda de Cadenet, and grew into a social media movement where fledgling photographers shared more than 450,000 works with audiences. Now, those photos are featured in an exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography, which features more than 150 images from around the world. The show is on view through February 26. The list of women-championing curators includes Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson, supermodel and actress Amber Valletta, and New York-born artist Collier Schorr. See a preview of the Girlgaze collection in our gallery.

“Turkish Delights,” by Monica Lek, 26, Barcelona, Spain, published with permission

“But Still, I’ll Rise,” by Amanda Bjorn, 27, L.A./Miami, published with permission

“Carefree Black Girls,” by Leona Moore, 25, Detroit, MI, published with permission

“Believe,” by Dominique Brooker, 28, Berlin, Germany, published with permission

“Daydreaming in Silver,” by Emma Craft, 20, Jackson, MI, published with permission

“Can’t Pin Me Down,” by Nandin Dandar, 19, Austin, TX, published with permission

“Maysa,” by Luisa Dorr, 27, Brazil, published with permission

“New Romantics,” by Francesca Milano, 24, Milan, Italy, published with permission

“One Size,” by Melanie Knight, 23, Manchester, England, published with permission

“Untitled,” by Ophelie Rondeau, 29, Berlin, Germany, published with permission

“Purple,” by Amaal Said, 20, London, England, published with permission