Chance the Rapper Held a “Parade to the Polls” Following His Concert Last Night


Last night, following a free concert in his hometown, Chicago, in support of Hillary Clinton, Chance the Rapper enacted something people have been fretting over for quite a while: getting millennials to vote.

As CNN reports, the concert took place in Grant Park, and right when it was over, Chance led attendees to the closest early voting site:

After it was initially reported that Chance led hundreds to the site, he took to Twitter to interject a correction:

According to Al Jazeera, the Parade to the Polls particularly aimed to mobilize black, Latinx and younger voters, and Chance had teamed up with the NAACP for its #StayWokeAndVote campaign, Black Youth Project 100, as well as Chicago Votes, to get the effort going. Chance addressed the crowd, encouraging them to “Show the younger generation what standing up looks like.” He continued, “Thank you to everyone that understands that this is what democracy looks like and wanted to have their voices heard.”

“Chance was inspired and wanted to do it with us,” Zana Marino, a Chicago Votes volunteer, told Al Jazeera. “I’m really happy with the turnout. Anything that gets young people interested and involved in their communities is a positive thing.”