Watch Cyborg Scarlett Johansson in the First ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Trailer


A trailer for Paramount Pictures’ Ghost in the Shell adaptation has arrived. Leading up to its release, the film saw its share of controversy with the casting of actress Scarlett Johansson in the role of Major, a special ops human-cyborg who leads task force Section 9 against a fatal enemy. Based on the Japanese manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow, critics accused the filmmakers of whitewashing — particularly since it was revealed that they allegedly considered using visual effects to alter Johansson’s appearance to look Asian. Looking at the trailer, the new Ghost in the Shell appears to be a generic sci-fi film since the setting was moved to a one-size-fits-all “international world.” We’re not sure how that will affect the rest of what made the original tale about identity and consciousness so compelling. Watch ScarJo kick ass in yet another impossibly tight catsuit when Ghost in the Shell is released on March 31, 2017.