Natalie Portman Embodies Personal and National Mourning in the Full, Official Trailer for ‘Jackie’


The official full trailer for Jackie — the Natalie Portman-starring Jackie O. biopic that’s garnered glowing praise both for Pablo Larraín’s sensitive filmmaking and Portman’s performance — has just been released. The trailer sees Natalie Portman playing the former First Lady in the week following John F. Kennedy’s assassination; the film uses her interview for LIFE Magazine with Theodore H. White as its narrative centerpiece, from which it extends into fragmentary flashbacks.

Watching the trailer (following a very generous teaser) for the No director’s anticipated film, it’s hard to actually see the overarching American moroseness it depicts from beyond the context of that in which half of the country is currently plunged — following the recent election. I cannot shake how the new trailer — in display of the film’s impressionistic storytelling — almost feels like more of a decontextualized music video set to a current sickened sensation, as it follows a character who’s balancing both a deep sense of personal and national loss, attempting, in futility, to monumentalize the sorrow through ceremony. Maybe it’s just me.

The film hits theaters on December 2. Watch the new trailer: