Kate Bush Floats Melancholically (and Apparently Hypothermically) in “And Dream of Sheep” Video


Kate Bush has released the music video for the new recording of her Hounds of Love track, “And Dream of Sheep,” from her new live album(s — it’s a 3-CD package), Before the Dawn. The album captures performances from her 22-day set of concerts in London, also titled Before the Dawn.

Per Pitchfork, the vocals on the song itself were recorded during the same session in which the video was shot, as in, from inside a water tank. Apparently, this, erm, unconventional recording scenario — which lasted for three days of Bush floating melancholically — led her to catch a light case of hypothermia; she didn’t work the next day, but the day following, returned to the tank to finish shooting the video.

The massive live album will be released November 25.