Can “Hairspray Live!” Heal The Nation? Nope, But It Looks Fun.


Every new wacky and decadent cultural offering that pops up in the post-Trump era feels like some sort of relic from just before the fall of Rome. That’s certainly how I felt when I watched the promo for the forthcoming live Hairspray! musical which arrives on the heels of a series of disastrous and praised live musicals.

Nonetheless, laughing and singing are good therapy, and as the Hamilton fracas has shown us, Broadway musicals suddenly have a new subversive power. Hairspray! even if it’s a watered down network version, has a positive message about racial equality and self-acceptance.

Hairspray Live! starring Ariana Grande, Harvey Fierstein, Jennifer Hudson, Martin Short and Maddie Baillio airs on NBC on December 7th.