Lupita Nyong’o Performs Gross-Out Standup Routines for Pedestrians Who’ve Been Intimidated By Billy Eichner


Lupita Nyong’o is the guest on this week’s Billy on the Street, and as usual, the titular Billy had an amusing and mildly embarrassing task for her for his “lightning round.” Nyong’o’s prompt is to perform standup comedy for pedestrians — who, again as usual, had been intimidated into listening by Billy Eichner’s yelling/height.

Eichner is great at playing off the media’s/public’s perceptions of celebrities — as was seen in Julianne Moore’s segment where she wanders around the city slipping between her extremely varied past characters on the spot. Here, he and Nyong’o seemingly toy with the way the Academy Award winning actress is so often described as the picture of elegance and poise in media coverage, with the selection of (mostly quite bad) scatological or other-kind-of-gross bodily jokes she recites — quite unconvincingly.

The first unsuspecting victim (but, really, also, very lucky person) of Billy on the Street participation is a woman who got to hear Nyong’o recite Bob Saget’s routine begging people to “please, please, never fuck a goat.” The second passersby are presented with a hilariously flat recitation of a Louis C.K. routine that begins, “I love to shit.” From there, she moves on to a couple of, erm, gems from Andrew Dice Clay, regaling two women with joke about a uterus falling out.

Watch (and catch the episode tomorrow night on TruTV at 10:30 p.m.):