The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. The mighty Weinsteins will scale back the number of theaters showing Rob Marshall‘s songtastic remake Nine after poor box office performance its opening weekend. [via ArtsBeat] UPDATE: Oops, that is not so, according to NYMag’s Vulture, contradicting Reuters’ original report. Carry on, musical theater buffs! 2. MSNBC ranks architecture as the professional field hit hardest by the 2009 recession, with a whopping 18% reduction in the number of employed architects. [via Culture Monster] 3. A new exhibition shows off Stalin‘s saucy side, with the Soviet dictator’s nude sketches of Russian figures like Marxist theorist Georgy Plekhanov. [via The Daily Beast] 4. If 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander had to write his life story in six words, it would go like this: “100 percent American. Made in China.” Yeah, slow news day. [via New York Post] 5. Breakup rumors plague teen pop idols the Jonas Brothers, now that one is married and another is the hottest. There’s a Justin Timberlake reference in there somewhere. [via Pop Eater]

Bonus link: MOG gets in on the listicle action with its roundup of the ten most disappointing albums of the decade.