The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Emma Stone


Emma Stone joined the SNL cast for a third time as host yesterday. Stone’s casual confidence and charm was a welcome presence while the show continues to figure out how to offer social commentary in the age of Trump. Leslie Jones ruled the “Weekend Update” segment (sorry, Jennifer Aniston). See how the rest of it went down last night, below.

The Best

“Classroom Cold Open”

President-elect Donald Trump can’t put down the Twitters.

“Emma Stone High School Monologue”

Revisiting SNL is just like being in high school, except you get Bobby Moynihan in a letter jacket instead of Emilio Estevez (but we’re kind of ok with that).

“The Christmas Candle”

Women with big hair sing about the magic of regifting.


Random favorite part of this sketch: Emma Stone’s ditzy poster pinup claps her hotdog to give applause.

“Weekend Update”

Extremely satisfying bits: Leslie Jones dropping Maya Angelou’s name and calling Colin Jost a cracker.

“Film Screening”

Actress of a certain age Debette Goldry has a lot to say about women in film.

“Wells for Boys”

Toys for young boys Trying to Figure Some Shit Out.

The Worst

“High School Theatre Show”

At least we’re getting more snarky audience banter.

“The Hunt for Hill”

White people with Facebook accounts hunt for Hillary Clinton like a Sasquatch.

“Cleaning Crew”

Pervy Santa songs.

“The Nativity”

Mary looks tired.

Musical Guest: Shawn Mendes