Bookish Getaways for Lit Lovers


As we enter the heart of winter, some of us are already dreaming up ways to escape the chill and vacation somewhere cozy with a good book. Taking that sentiment to the extreme, we’ve collected several bookish getaway spots to plan your next trip. From a hostel where you can sleep in a bookcase, to an immersive world worthy of a Dickens’ novel, here are some of the best book-inspired vacations.

Book And Bed, Tokyo

Sleep in a bookshelf at this hostel, complete with reading lights and plenty of lit to choose from.

The Eloise Suite, New York City

Betsey Johnson designed this ultra pink Eloise suite at The Plaza in honor of the irreverent Kay Thompson heroine. The whole package — including tea for two, an Eloise robe, and other goodies — is aimed at little ones, but we can’t imagine The Plaza turning away your $2,043. For tiny Eloise fans, there’s even an adjoining nanny suite.

Tara Inn, Pennsylvania

Mind your manners at the Tara Inn. From the website: “Inspired by the greatest movie of our time, Gone With the Wind, Tara recreated is in a real sense an embodiment of the Old South. Tara offers you a lasting impression of Southern Hospitality and a chance to enjoy the luxuries of days gone by.”

Dickens World, England

There’s a hotel right next to Dickens World in Kent, where you can travel back in time on an interactive tour of Victorian England. Just don’t ask for second helpings of gruel.

The Shire of Montana, Montana

Skip the trip to New Zealand and stay at the Lord of the Rings-esque Shire of Montana, where you can play Hobbit for a few nights.

Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Washington

Get cozy for two at the Fairmont’s Cascade Suite, where you can whip out your best Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele roleplay, Fifty Shades-style. The fictional couple stayed in the suite that includes a (real-life) stunning view, grand piano, and fireplace.

Pavillons des Lettres, France

Each room pays homage to a different literary icon, based on the 26 letters of the alphabet. From the website:

The history… the literary interiors of Didier Benderli Designed by Didier Benderli, interiors at Pavillon des Lettres are classically French, elegant and modern. Benderli describes his interiors here as an alliance of the arts – combining literature, painting and sculpture in a subtle dialogue. Colours and materials contrast each other and work together at the same time, creating physical interpretations of the pleasure of reading.

Jane Austen Centre, England

There are multiple hotels near this bookish getaway. From the website:

The Jane Austen Centre, a permanent exhibition that explores Jane’s time in Bath and the influence that this beautiful city had on her books, characters and personal life. Together with its Regency Tea Room and Gift Shop, the Centre has become one of the most popular celebrations of Jane Austen ever, attracting thousands of visitors each year from around the globe.