“You Thought There Were Rules? Psych!”: Samantha Bee on the Trump Transition


Samantha Bee is back from a three-week break and would like to know, “How’s the transition treating you?” In a segment from Monday night’s episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the host urges viewers to stay vigilant throughout the next “four years of gaslighting.”

While Obama is busy “childproofing the Oval Office,” Bee quips, “In the past three weeks, PEOTUS has made America great again by skipping security briefings, imperiling U.S. relations with China and India, threatening a private manufacturer, draining the swamp directly into his cabinet, declaring open war on the press, and celebrating take your daughter to work day with foreign leaders.”

Bee suggests tattooing your basic civil liberties all over your body, Memento-style (“We don’t jail our enemies”/”Facts are real”), and she also pleads for voters to pay attention to state elections — Louisiana Democrat Foster Campbell will face off against Republican John Kennedy on Dec. 10.

“Turns out our institutions are only as strong as the unspoken norms we agree to live by, norms that suddenly seem as flimsy as the Scotch tape holding Trump’s tie together,” Bee says. She draws a connection between Obama advocating for the peaceful transition of power and the case of former North Carolina governor Pat McCrory, who finally conceded the election on Monday, to Democrat Roy Cooper — but not without a nod to the voter fraud he insists took place in the state, mentioning “continued questions that should be answered regarding the voting process.” Bee says McCrory took the loss “like a man: by refusing to have his status lowered.”

“I can’t think of anything classier than crying ‘conspiracy‘ when you lose,” Bee remarks. “Oh, yes I can — crying ‘conspiracy’ when you win.”