Chris Rock Announces Plans for ‘Total Blackout’ — His First Stand-up Comedy Tour in 9 Years


Chris Rock took to Facebook Live yesterday evening to announce his next tour, Total Blackout, and by next that’s to say his first in nine years. Of course, people have gotten to see him perform live comedy in the interim, with the 2016 Oscar hosting gig and such, but a Rock unburdened by Hollywood formalities is a far more exhilarated/ing Rock. (As Billboard notes, the title may be in reference to that gig, as he’d previously used #blackout in reference to that appearance in the midst of #oscarssowhite.) And this is exciting news even for people who won’t get to see the tour, as said tour — it was previously announced — will actually be coming with two stand-up specials for Netflix.

Rock filmed himself outside of Los Angeles’ Comedy Store to announce the news of the tour, saying, “he Total Blackout tour is coming to your town in 2017…. First time in nine years, haven’t done it in awhile. Been a little busy, You know, writing Pootie Tang 3 and everything.”

The tour will start on Valentine’s Day, 2017, and will see him making 23 stops in the US, as well as doing three shows in Niagara Falls, ON. Check out the dates here.