10 Charming 2017 Calendars for a Fun and Creative New Year


The year 2016 was frequently difficult and troubling (to put it mildly), but don’t let that stop you from setting positive and productive intentions for a bright new year. Get a creative boost and a good dose of cheer with these charming 2017 calendars that feature beautiful design, humor, and plenty of inspiration.

All The Way to Paris & Paper Collective’s Sunlight Calendar will get you through any dark day. $52

Stitch the Stars welcomes you to practice your embroidery skills. Use glow-in-the-dark thread to stitch a different constellation each month. $25

Brooklyn artist and healer Rachel Howe created the popular Small Spells tarot deck. Get Howe’s calendar, featuring her signature line drawings and esoteric/astrological insights for each month. $30

New York’s art handling community gets their own calendar. From the makers:

For 2017, we gave the creative reigns to Fashion photographer Max Bernetz and Art Director Hans Maharawal. The images have an emphasis on the aesthetics of work, revealing what remains unseen on the job. The aim is to put the handlers in natural context and draw out the raw character of the models, the sexiness comes not from the skin revealed, but from visible confidence and conviction.


If the boho/woo-woo/modern witch obsession with crystals confuses you, then the Useful Crystals Calendar is for you (illustrated by Gray Wielebinski).

January / Crystal Cruise Line February / The Crystals (60’s girl group) March / Billy Crystal April / Flavor Crystals (in Cinnaburst gum) May / Crystal Palace June / Crystal Light July / Cristal Champagne August / Crystal Cove September / Crystal, Nevada October / Krystal the stripper November / Crystal Stemware December / Crystal Cathedral


Women, books . . . what more do you need? Enlightened readers will appreciate the Art of Reading Calendar, featuring a different woman from art history enjoying a book. $15

The Donuts of the Bay Area 2017 Calendar speaks for itself. For foodies, SF lovers, and Twin Peaks fans alike. $22

The Redstone Diary is famous for its single theme — and this year’s is “time.” Expect illustrations, quotes, graphic ephemera, and inspiration from Louise Bourgeois, Edvard Munch, On Kawara, and beyond. $17

Type nerds, get your fix with the 2017 Type Riot Paper Hammer Calendar. A different unique typeface, font, and letter design is featured every month. $12

The Itty Bitty Kitty Ditties Book collects charming and clever illustrations, poems, and other musings for the feline fancier. $5