This Trailer for a Film About Cats in Istanbul Is Absolutely Gorgeous


Yesterday, we got an email about this trailer, which is for an upcoming film called Kedi. The film, which takes its name from the Turkish word for cat, is a documentary about the myriad stray cats that live on the streets of Istanbul. Now, look, I will admit that I am the literal perfect audience for this film — I love cats and I love Istanbul — but even if you don’t fall into both (or either!) of those categories, Kedi may be of interest, because it looks like a gorgeous piece of work. Director Ceyda Torun mixes beautiful location shots with close-in footage of these fascinating animals going about their daily routines, capturing both the life of a city and the life of the creatures that share its streets with humans. The film is in theaters February 10th, 2017, and I can’t wait to see it.