Gordon Cole Returns to Eat a Donut in New ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival Teaser


Aaah the simple things, like relishing a donut in the sheriff’s station of a charming small town…where logging bigwigs run secret brothels, where logs are prophets, where the owls are not what they seem, where an evil spirit dressed like a Phish fan murders young women, and where at any moment, you could potentially just become a doorknob. Showtime’s David Lynch/Mark Frost-penned, wholly Lynch-directed revival of Twin Peaks will (presumably) soon be upon us, and another quaint teaser trailer — another cozy slice-of-twisted-life from the titular town — has been released. This one features David Lynch in his return as transplanted FBI Regional Bureau Chief, Gordon Cole.

Here, Lynch’s slapstick-y character simply… eats a donut. Oh, and said donut-eating is set to the haunting sentimentalism of the series’ score. And yeah, that’s pretty much it, as all involved parties have been exceedingly secretive about what has become of Twin Peaks — and its lodges full of spirits, and diners full of coffee and inordinately attractive people — in the 25 years since we last saw it.

The series will air sometime in early to mid 2017, so perhaps we’ll be seeing some more telling material soon. Or perhaps Showtime will hold off on revelations until the premiere itself.

Watch the new teaser: