Obama Prepares Farewell Speech for January 10


President Barack Obama’s apocalypse foreshadowing legacy-solidifying farewell speech will take place on January 10, and will be held in his hometown of Chicago, at McCormick Place convention center, which was also where his 2012 Election celebration took place. An email sent to the President’s followers said that the doomsday goodbye address will allow Obama to “say thank you for this amazing journey, to celebrate the ways you’ve changed this country for the better these past eight years, and to offer some thoughts on where we all go from here.”

Obama’s final days as president have been marked by last minute attempts to thwart armageddon PEOTUS Donald Trump from undoing much of what Obama has attempted — and he will be meeting with Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday in an attempt to get them on the same page to defend the Affordable Care Act from attacks by a new Congress/President who seem likely to dismantle it.

POTUS’s other recent moves have included sanctions against Russia following news of their attempts at interference in the 2016 election, as well as abstaining from a UN Security Council Vote for a resolution against Israeli settlement construction.

NPR notes that while these speeches — which have taken place since George Washington’s address in 1796 — can be retrospective, they have sometimes served as warnings about what to expect from new leadership.

[Via the New York Times]