Watch Billy Eichner and John Oliver Conduct Important Social Research in Chelsea’s Gay Community


Billy, who is often on the Street, was on the streets of Chelsea this week, interviewing gay men in the neighborhood on an important social issue: whether or not they care about John Oliver.

As usual, Billy Eichner runs around rambunctiously, thrusting his microphone in people’s faces and screaming at them and, generally, the world. The premise of Eichner’s interviews here is very straightforward; each interaction includes two questions, the answers to which only very slightly vary. The first encounter, which is indicative of the outcome of the rest, goes as follows:

“Sir, are you gay?”


“Do you care about John Oliver?”


The clip’s best moments come when Oliver meekly attempts to sell Last Week Tonight to the people who’ve never heard of him: “Being on once a week really allows us to get more depth —”