Wanted: DIY Lady Gaga Barbie Dolls


Earlier today someone sent us a link to Mattel’s Alfred Hitchcock The Birds Barbie Doll

, and we thought it was the best thing we’d ever seen. And then we stumbled across this roundup of handcrafted Lady Gaga Barbies on Refinery29, and our mind exploded. Veik, the 29-year-old Beijing-based artist behind the dolls, explained to Joonbug why he chose Gaga as his muse: “Just look at her in those amazing wigs, makeup, and outfits! I was thinking it would be fun to make those wigs for dolls, and that a Lady Gaga doll must be interesting. Since then, I pay close attention to her; her music, clothes, glasses, makeup, everything! Every detail makes me love her more and more.”

Peep ’em after the jump and let us know which one is your favorite. We’re partial to the crazy VMA look to the right — but wish he’d added some blood for realism.

Veik’s favorite Lady Gaga look has yet to become a Barbie yet, but can be found in her “Bad Romance” video: “She wore a white rat on her head. I used to be afraid of rats and thought them disgusting, but when she wore it I thought, ‘Wow, it’s really cool!’ So I’m planning to create that look for my dolls now. I even want a rat for my own head. It’s so funny, I no longer fear rats, and when I see one, I think ‘Wow, rats look so fashion, so cool.'”