Jens Lekman Announces New Album; 2017 Already Better Than 2016


Well, here is excellent — if a little belated — news to start 2017: Jens Lekman has announced the release of a album! In a lengthy Facebook post yesterday, Lekman revealed that the album is entitled Life Will See You Now and will be out via Secretly Canadian on February 17. The post, which is well worth reading in full (especially if you read it to yourself with a Jens Lekman accent), discusses the singer’s last couple of years in detail, relating struggles with hypochondria and anxiety, how he scrapped an almost-finished record in 2014 because his label and friends didn’t like it, and how his Postcards and Ghostwriting projects played into the making of this new record. At least one of the tracks included on the album (“What’s That Perfume That You Wear?”) will be familiar to Lekman completists — it was included on the excellent WWJD mixtape from late 2014 — and he played many of the album’s other new songs live during his brief tour late last year.

The album’s lead single is the aforementioned “What’s That Perfume That You Wear?”, and here it is: