Evening News Reshuffles in a Conservative Direction, With Exodus of Female Fox Talent


There’s been a lot of high-profile shuffling in the cable news world this week, and it seems very indicative of a rightward shift in the media at large, a reflection of where the TV media landscape is headed in the Trump era.

First, former Fox anchor Megyn Kelly — who has gained some admiration for her high-profile feuds with both admitted serial groper Elect Donald Trump and accused serial sexual harasser Roger Ailes — defected to NBC.

Despite her status as a sometime pseudo-feminist heroine, Kelly is a conservative and a race-baiter who has been a major instigator of such hot news stories as “Santa is white” and the bogus “New Black Panther Party” scare. She represents a conservative turn for the traditionally beltway and centrist NBC news.

Taking her place at Fox is admitted gay-basher Tucker Carlson, founder of the Daily Caller. Carlson was initially famous for being the object of John Stewart’s ire when he co-hosted Crossfire; recently he’s been in the spotlight for his indecorous on-air spat with Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca. Thus, Fox’s somewhat more maverick choice in Kelly is now replaced by a stalwart pro-Trump voice.

Finally, another Fox talent who left, conservative Greta Van Susteren, inked a deal for an evening show at MSNBC, which, based on my own armchair prognostication, means a liberal voice like Chris Hayes or Lawrence O’Donnell is likely to get the axe in her favor.