Watch Hannah Horvath Write Stuff and Talk About Writing Stuff About Stuff in the Full Trailer for ‘Girls” Final Season


National fave Hannah Horvath is back, doing the usual Hannah Horvath things — going on more interviews for media companies, trying to Make It as a writer, typing to indicate she’s trying to Make It as a writer, falling in and out of loathe with her friends, and talking about herself incessantly. (To be fair, this new Horvath-dose comes within the framework of a job interview, so it’s not as though she can help herself in this case.)

The trailer for Girls’ final season has arrived, and I doubt many people will legitimately miss these characters the way they might miss others, but the series itself certainly had its strengths, most evidenced in an excellent 5th season.

Last years’ season focused the tone and storytelling – managing both to make its characters seem more satirically ridiculous and more emotionally real at the same time, while before they had the odd tendency to oscillate between the two from episode to episode. It was also a lot funnier.

From the trailer, we see Hannah trying to capitalize on what other characters feel is one of her key shortcomings in a job interview:

I don’t give a shit about anything, but I simultaneously have opinions about everything.

Meanwhile, the shows that Jessa continues to date Adam, and is of course met by disapproval by he friends, Marnie looks like she’s stuck between Ray and the miserable Mumford-and-Sons-y ex, Desi, and Shoshanna keeps trying to find herself professionally.

The final season premieres February 12. Watch the trailer: