The Coen Brothers Are Doing a TV (and Maybe Movie?) Western Series


Assuming we’re not all going up in a mushroom cloud on account of a urine-soaked sex tape, guess what? We’ve got something to look forward to! And not just any ol’ something: Variety is reporting the Coen Brothers are creating their first project for television. But it may be a movie too. Oh, and it’s a Western. Holy hell.

The Coens are crafting The Ballad of Buster Scruggs in collaboration with Annapurna Television, because Annapurna is apparently contractually obligated to be involved with everything that is good. According to Variety’s sources, Scruggs will reach us via “an innovative approach that could combine television and theatrical.” The details of that aren’t quite clear at the moment; the implication seems to be that the Coens’ multi-narrative Scruggs script was too complex for a single feature, so they’ll structure it as a miniseries with a possible theatrical component (along the lines of Imagine Entertainment’s original plan for their Dark Tower adaptation).

The siblings are set to write and direct the entirety of Buster Scruggs, their debut effort in the medium, though they’ve served as executive producers for FX’s loose adaptation of their film Fargo.